Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Okay Terrific Thursday

Centerport Harbor

Some rain this evening. Minor flooding on the sides of some streets in Paramus.

Finally did some shopping this evening. After I got home, I scanned my purchases with the little Shoppers' Hotline scanner while having dinner. The purchases consisted of a bunch of frozen dinners, a spool of black thread, and one book. Also bought some pears but couldn't scan them, of course, because they don't have barcodes. (The S.H. instructions said not to worry about unscannable items.) Okay, so then I actually had data to upload for this week. Plugged the scanner into a USB port and ran the software, only to discover that their upload site is down! Oh well. Hope it works better tomorrow or I probably won't have time for that until next week.

Lending money isn't as easy as it looks. I got outbid (actually undercut since lenders are competing on interest rate) on some Prosper loans already. (I'm having eBay flashbacks. :) ) Well, I'm not going to change my bids because I can't accept anything under 9% or I might as well put the money elsewhere. So I'll just wait until all the other lenders run out of money.

Thus far, I've been backing up the desktop computer by writing the data out to CD-R. (and backing up the notebook computer by copying to the desktop computer) However, yesterday, I installed the free trial of Carbonite to see whether it'll work for me. So far, it has backed up almost 1GB of data without getting in the way of anything else on this PC. Of course, I selected some 18GB of data for backup, so I see that it's going to take more than 2 weeks just to finish the initial backup! That's the problem with online backup. Although I have broadband, my upload rate is far slower than my download rate. I also have another minor niggle: In several places on their website, they mention a $5 monthly pricing plan, but there's no way to order that pricing plan. Instead, they only allow you to prepay for one or two years. Given their no refunds policy, what if I change my mind? (Granted 1 year is only $50, but still...) I emailed them and a CSR assured me that the $5 plan will be "up and running ASAP". Well, we'll see.

While egosurfing on Technorati, I found this blog entry using and linking to one of my Flickr photos but the blog is in Chinese. Hmm... I wonder what it's saying about "2-piece leg and thigh meal".
Translation from Google:
"It seems that only a KFC in Concord, which is a very general picture of packages, no French Fry, usually vegetable salad or corn. But this point is not Ritpackages because higher. In the United States in large appetite also followed up, so Ritusually point to the four pieces of fried packages to drink, a salad with corn also led to a set of 10 U.S. dollar ?"
Mmm... fried packages to drink. :)

Got a picnic lined up for this weekend in nearby Orange County. Not many geocaches in the area but it'll be good to see the local cachers there.
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