Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Summer Fun

Sit, Plush Husky, sit! Good dog.

On Sunday, I went up to Orange County to attend the Summer Fun With Crazy_Train & 3bunts geocaching event. It was held at the Crawford Town Park near Bullville. As always, I did a few geocaches both before and after the event.

Getting to the event itself was not without incident. I arrived at the event coordinates, which were somewhere along Route 17K, only to find myself in an area with no park, pavillion, or picnic tables! I was wondering where they hid the picnic at first but then realized that they must've gotten the coordinates wrong. So I went and visited another geocache. Then I had to get back to figuring out what to do about the picnic. The name of the park wasn't mentioned on the event page so I had no way of knowing where it is actually located. So I figured I should just skip it and go to the next geocache on my list and that would be in Fishkill. Since I didn't want to take the roundabout way just to get back onto I-84, my route to Fishkill therefore had to be via Route 17K. Since I was going back that way anyway, I decided to take a picture of the pond that I saw near the wrong event coordinates. I went there and saw a note taped to a rock with the correct event coordinates! Good thing I went there a second time.

This picnic had a much lower attendance than most of the geo events I've been to this year. I think there were only about 30 people at this one, compared to nearly 100 at some of the Pennsylvania picnics. But I think it's more relaxing this way. There was time to chat, eat, and log nearly 200 travel bugs and geocoins. There wasn't a frenzy of activity nor any pressure to do anything. There were two geocaches placed for the event, but we took our time getting to those. As for food, there was quite a spread, from the usual hot dogs and burgers, to chips, coleslaw, cupcakes, and a watermelon. Someone brought homemade cookies shaped like dog biscuits, which I thought were funny, especially when placed next to the real dog biscuits. I brought some rice crackers, which turned out to be popular. I'd say if the kids like the rice crackers, that's more than half the battle.

After the picnic and two more geocaches, I was still stuffed from all the picnic food, so I skipped dinner (not very many places open late Sunday night there anyway) and went home.


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