Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Morris Plains

Morris Plains Community Park

This evening, I went to find the Down By The Lake geocache at the Community Park in Morris Plains. For this cache, the clockwise approach around the lake is harder than the counterclockwise approach. So which way did I go? Clockwise, of course. There was more mud going around that way, but it was nothing a little bushwhack around the mudhole couldn't fix.

Then I went to Kam Man Supermarket in East Hanover, only to discover that they were already closed at 7:45pm, 15 minutes before their posted closing time of 8pm. Augh! I can understand if I arrived at 8pm and they were closed, but 15 minutes before closing time? That was annoying because I had planned the trip so that I could arrive at the Asian grocer before 8pm. All I really needed was a bag of pears so I wouldn't have taken much time shopping there. I'll just have to take my pear money to a grocer that's better at honoring its store hours then.

Then I had dinner.

Then I went to Wal-Mart in Boonton. I don't make it a habit to shop at Wal-Mart, but I drop in now and then in case they have something unusual. I was looking for paw slippers in the shoe section when I noticed that they had boots my size. Great! Looks like they finally realized that there are people with feet larger than size 12. (The few, the proud, the large-footed.) I also got a fuzzy rug to celebrate the patch of empty floorspace in the living room after my most recent cleanup. (in search of the ever-elusive parents' keys) It's ironic that as soon as I have floor space, I get something to cover it up with, but okay, I also needed the fuzzy rug to have something comfortable to sit on while working on projects that are too big for the table.
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