Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Numismatic Rejects

Cricket Photography

Went to the bank this afternoon to dump a bucket of change into the coin counter. The following coins landed in the reject slot of the counting machine:
  • 1982 quarter (no idea why this was rejected)
  • 1952 silver dime
  • Another 1952 silver dime
  • 1964 silver dime
  • 1941 "Mercury" dime
  • 1940 silver quarter
  • 1962 silver quarter
  • A corroded and cracked penny
  • UK penny
  • UK 10 pence coin
  • UK 5 pence coin
  • Canadian quarter
  • South Korean 100 Won coin
  • Chuck E Cheese token
  • Token of unknown origin
  • Namco Arcade token
I don't usually check for silver coins in my change, so it's fortunate that the counting machine rejects them. With the current spot price of silver, those 90% silver coins have melt values much higher than their face values. Of course, there's also numismatic value in those.

Since I didn't check the reject slot before putting my change into the counting machine, some of those coins may be from prior users of the machine who forgot to check the reject slot. That would explain all those tokens and foreign coins. But I might as well save those in case I get the opportunity to use them.
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