Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

All Route 18 in a day

Down the slide

Went to Central Jersey, for the most part. Hit a few caches in the New Brunswick area and then went down Route 18 to Eatontown.

On Route 18 around East Brunswick, I got stuck in really bad traffic. So I went into Office Depot to use the restroom. Since I was there, I took a look around to see if they had the sale items that I couldn't find at the Paramus Office Depot. Yes, even though it was the 6th day of their "Back to School" sale, they still had the 8-sheet diamond-cut shredder! (Because kids need shredders for "back to school". :) ) So now I can securely shred the evidence old account statements.

Ran into TucsonThompsen at a cache site in the Spotswood area. Then we also did the next two caches together because it turned out that our cache itineraries had a bit of an overlap! Well, it was fun and having two people look for the caches cuts down on the search time. (Of course, the time saved was wasted stuck in Route 18 traffic but that's the way it goes in Central Jersey's Saturday shopping traffic.)

Ended the day with some chicken curry at the usual place in Edison.

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