Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
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I got an email from the President of Catalina Healthcare, who saw my mention of NasalCEASE in this journal. He was looking for comments from satisfied users to quote on the NasalCEASE website. Unfortunately, I had to point out in my reply that I hadn't actually used the product yet. I was just keeping it handy for the next time I get a nosebleed.

Went for the Members Only geocache behind the Willowbrook Mall in Wayne this afternoon. It's not a Members-Only Cache, i.e. one that requires premium membership to view the cache info. Instead, the name refers to the location, which is in the parking area of a members-only warehouse club. So I went there and knew where the cache was even before I got out of the car. This is one of those trick caches that is easy for those who've seen this kind of cache before, and I've seen at least a dozen of these. I must say, however, that this one is quite well-constructed.

After doing twice as much laundry as usual (because one of the two loads was the fursuit), I went out to Moe's this evening for the Monday special. This time, however, the cashier slipped up and punched in the wrong burrito at the cash register, making the total higher by about $1.50. I caught his mistake when I saw the receipt and pointed it out to him. Then he started giving me a line of BS about how he couldn't take money out of the register and the correction will have to come out of his pocket. I asked to see the manager. He said that he was the manager. (which I didn't believe) Then he started arguing with me saying that it was a good deal even at that higher price and that even these burritos would be too much for me to finish. At that point, I had just about enough of his nonsense, so I glared at him and said sternly, "You fix this NOW!"

He went off moping to the back room and came back with a gift certificate for double the amount of the discrepancy, which I accepted. After that, he continued his arguing, saying that I should've pointed out his mistake before paying and that he's only human and humans make mistakes. So I shot back, saying that the cash register display doesn't show which burrito he punched in, only the amount, and that when I make a mistake at my job, I fix it, and I expected the same of him at his job. Anyway, I'm not concerned about the cashier error because I got a gift certificate for that. (even though it means that I'll have to go back at least one more time to use it) What bothers me is that he would argue with a regular customer when he is clearly in the wrong. If this happens again, I'll have to have a chat with the restaurant owner (whose business card I picked up the week before) because I'm sure the owner, whose investment in the restaurant is at stake, would be concerned if his employees are picking fights with customers.
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