Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox


Don't feed stick-figure ducks with real hands (close up)

Got a wild george from upstate NY.

My 15-day trial of Carbonite was running out. When I went to the website to see if they have implemented the monthly pricing plan, I saw a little graphic at the top right saying "Radio Listeners click here". Well, I listen to the radio sometimes, so I clicked there, filled in the form... and got 3 more months added! Huh? Okay, I'll take it and that'll also give them time to work on the monthly plan.

I wasn't going back to Moe's this evening for Taco Tuesday so soon after yesterday evening's altercation. So, since I had a fresh batch of Quiznos coupons and since I needed to do some grocery shopping at Pathmark, I went to Quiznos in Ramsey for dinner. As I recall, Victor, the restaurant manager, expressed interest a while ago in seeing the food photoset where I've been putting all the pictures I took of his sandwiches. Well, as it happened, I had my notebook computer with me and the curiously-strong wi-fi signal was available this evening. So I booted up the notebook and showed him the photoset. I think he found it amusing.
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