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Snow, No Snow

Got up a bit later this morning. Surprise! The snow ended. No serious accidents on the traffic report so I headed out. What's that block of ice doing outside? Oh, that's just my car. Took some work to get the ice off but it wasn't too bad as the ice had started melting a little.

Found 4 geocaches in NJ today. There's an interesting dichotomy: the ground was covered in snow North of Newark but completely clear to the South. It didn't look like they had snow at all in Central and South Jersey by the time I got there. The first two caches were in North Jersey though so I still had to deal with the snow and the dripping icy water from the trees in the morning.

First stop was to Beavertown. It's funny that the cache owner mentioned all-terrain vehicles in the cache description. While I was there, I kept hearing a whirring sound coming from somewhere in the woods. When I was driving away from the area, I did indeed spot someone riding around on an ATV. I didn't have too much trouble finding all the stages of the multicache, although the first stage was hidden pretty well under snow. But given the size of the container, I'd have to poke around in any case so it wasn't that much harder.

Passaic Park Cache was a pretty quick cache. I'd figured out the questions beforehand so I had the actual coordinates. I'm not sure what's with the weird parking sign (No parking in the park on weekends and holidays??) at the parking area though. Perhaps I should have parked on a nearby residential street instead but it didn't take too long to be done with the cache.

Next was a 70-mile drive to Welcome to Recklesstown! Well, they sure don't seem too reckless to me, except maybe for the guy who made a dead stop on a 50 mph road in town. :) But I could stop in plenty of time so it was okay. It seems that the coordinates have been updated on the cache page but the copy I downloaded yesterday still had incorrect coordinates. I figured that something was wrong when the GPS pointed into a farm and the recommended parking area was still over a mile away. So I parked at the recommended area, took a quick peek at the clue, saw the hiding spot and bagged the cache in a matter of minutes.

Last of the day was NIGHT TIME CACHE. I guess "Night Time" refers to weekdays because the weekend hours don't go very much into the night even in the winter. Anyway, if you have ever done this kind of cache before or even if you haven't, it is pretty obvious what kind of facility the cache is hidden inside. There's actually another similar cache in New Jersey. Very easy and a nice change of pace.

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