Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Silver Screams

Susquehanna Valley Visitors Bureau

Once again, the coin counter at the local Commerce Bank branch did the trick. I poured in a week's worth of change and it rejected two silver coins: a 1940 silver quarter and a 1961 silver dime. Not bad at all for only a handful of change. Of course, I have to wonder why I'm even getting any silver coins at all. I would think that sharp-eyed coin collectors would've removed nearly all of those coins from circulation by now. Anyway, the first Google Spreadsheet I made is to track my coin collection. I entered info about the coins and the spreadsheet adds up the metal content and estimates the value of the collection based on current spot prices. (which I also input manually)

Wrote a loan amortization calculator in Javascript. I just needed a local, fast piece of code to check some figures at Prosper. It's actually not the first time I've written an amortization table generator. Back in the 80s in my early teens, I wrote a very similar program in Turbo Pascal. I have to give my father credit for teaching me about compound interest and personal finance. Within my family, money matters were never kept a secret, and so, since I had a budding interest in these things back then, my father showed me his mortgage statements and explained how it worked. And, at that time, we actually did derive the payment formula by solving the recurrence relation. (although now, you can just Google for someone's paper on the math)

I nearly forgot that I still had some Badlands Tacos coupons. So this evening, I went there to take out a 6-pack of tacos. Despite the name, it's actually a pretty good restaurant. The only problem seems to be that there are now teens hanging around outside the restaurant who burst into screams at random intervals for no reason. Teens of downtown Ramsey, I don't think you're bad or delinquent or anything. You're just insane and possibly full of sugar.

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