Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox


Horse on the roof

This is a typical bandwidth test result over my cable internet connection:

However, this afternoon, I tried the test using the borrowed wi-fi connection in downtown Ramsey and got this:

Wow! I just might have to go there more often. :)

I noticed that, in the K-MeleonCCF package that came out recently, the functions for moving up a directory and moving to the top level were missing. So I implemented them myself in Lua. This is the same idea as the Digger extension for Firefox. Ideally though, it needs to pop up a menu showing the parent directories all the way up to the root, but there's always Version 2. (And besides, I have to figure out the GUI library first.)

Scripting is both a strength and weakness of K-Meleon. On the one hand, many of K-Meleon's missing features (compared to Firefox + extensions, that is) can be done in K-Meleon scripts. But on the other hand, it's not always simple or well-documented, and you'll probably have to figure it all out yourself because the user community isn't very large or active.
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