Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

LBI - The other island that is long

Rainy day today. I went down to the Jersey Shore thinking that because of the rain, there wouldn't be a traffic problem. Wrong! Traffic was still very heavy and almost at a standstill at some points on the Parkway.

My final destination was Long Beach Island (LBI) because since my last trip there, someone had placed a whole bunch of new geocaches. After finding a few caches on the island, I ran into Chase On The Go and family at a cache site. Apparently, they were staying in LBI for a few days for a summer vacation and were going around finding all the new geocaches too. So we joined forces and did five geocaches together, going on way into the night for the last two caches. That was a lot of fun, and as always, teaming up cuts down on the search time significantly.

Then I joined Chase On The Go and family at their summer home for a bit of a chat before leaving to get dinner and go home. Went to three Wawa stores in Toms River, Beach Haven, and Manahawkin for lunch, snack (and geocache), and dinner respectively.

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