Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Southern Connecticut Adventure

It was a rainy day but I had an errand to run, so I went to town to pick up a package at the post office. Then I got a Supreme Omelet at the Park Ridge Dunkin Donuts.

Came back home and checked the weather radar. It seemed that Connecticut was clearing up a little, so I headed out there. Well, it didn't clear up quite enough as it was still raining lightly. Also, it appeared that Southern Connecticut got hit hard by strong winds. There were fallen branches on the roads. There were also some fresh fallen branches in the park, so I started thinking that maybe it wasn't such a good idea to be there because it was still quite windy and more branches may break off and fall. But then I was already close to the geocache so I just did it.

On my way to the 2nd geocache, I heard a noise like there was a branch caught in the wheel well. So I stopped on a side street, 0.1 mi from the parking area, to check it out. Flat tire! Argh! So I changed the tire in the rain. Getting the spare tire out was itself a learning experience. The spare tire is located under the vehicle and has to be winched down. After winching the tire down, I discovered that I was supposed to remove the tire cover before doing that. So I winched it back up. Then I discovered that I didn't have enough leverage to remove the tire cover while squatting next to it. So I lay down on the wet road (Ugh!) to do that. So by the time I was done changing the tire (it took about half an hour), I was a frightful greasy mess. Even so, I went and found the cache because the wooded area doesn't care if you're a mess.

The next cache was near a gas station. So I could get the tire plugged or replaced there, right? Wrong! They only sell gas and snacks. No repair facility. But since I was there, I went round the back and got two caches. (1-mile walk) By that time, it was raining like the dickens but I noticed that there was a cache next to the road one town over. So I did that one too, and two more that were just a little further into the park. (0.6-mile walk) Heheh. On my way to the next stop after that, I passed some gas stations. So I stopped at a Gulf station to ask if they could repair or replace the tire. No, the mechanic was on Labor Day Weekend vacation already. So basically, it looks like I won't be able to do anything about the flat tire until Tuesday. Bah.

The last cache was just behind Tailgators Sports Bar in Derby. So after finding that cache, I went in and had a New England Whaler. It's fried fish in a sandwich.


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