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No Snow, Snow

And today, it's South Jersey's turn to get the bulk of the snow. The snow didn't start until the afternoon though and not until I was in Ocean County so it was a slow drive back home this evening.

First of the day was NEW YEARS MYSTERY STONE HOUSE, which wasn't very far away from home. I went just before sunrise. Interesting ruins at this location. Looks like part of a fancy octagonal building. There are still a few octagon houses standing in New Jersey but I'd never seen the ruins of such a building before.

After that came a 80-mile drive to Ferengi Transmitter Array. The cache is located near Marconi's wireless transmission tower, or rather the top part of it that has been restored by infoage. The cache was located very close to the swamp behind the tower. It may technically be in the swamp but you could access the cache through the squishy semi-solid area. Not I though. I went one step too far, right into ice-cold swamp water. Ack!

Next came YOUR DEAD, AND IN TROUBLE TOO and FISHIN IN THE CREEK. Both are located in Double Trouble State Park at the end of Double Trouble Road. How would you like to have an address on Double Trouble Road? The latter cache was a pretty unique hide and was hidden exactly as the name implied. I just had to look around for it and then it was easy to retrieve.

After that came THE LIBRARY AT WELLS MILLS. The Parkway exits in this area appear to be arranged so that you have to pay the toll. There was no Southbound exit 69. So I had to pay the toll and go to exit 67 to make a U-turn and pay the toll again to get to Northbound exit 69. There are ways around one or both of the tolls at the expense of extra distance and more complicated directions via local roads. The cache itself was a good walk on an up-and-down trail to pick up each of its stages. On the way back from the final cache, I took the flat and more direct bike trail back to the parking lot. There is something interesting at this park: a blind trail, or vision impaired trail, as the sign called it. It's a regular trail with the addition of a rope at waist-level to guide the vision impaired. Supposedly, there are tapes available in the Nature Center to talk you through the walk. The snow had started coming down more heavily as I left the park but there was one more...

Edwin's Carnivores was the last of the day. This is an odd multi-part in that the first stage had all the trade items and logbook, while the second stage was a virtual. The main part of the tour was an 8-mile drive on a dirt road going way out into the swamp and back to the park entrance. It was a bit disappointing that nearly all the side trails were closed so the loop drive was basically the only thing anyone could do.

And after that came the slow drive home in the snow. But not before stops at a gas station and a Wawa convenience store in Smithville. If the journey home was going to take more than two hours, I might as well be adequately stocked.


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