Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Central Jersey September Picnic

Went to the Central Jersey September Picnic at Thompson Park in Jamesburg this morning. Along the way, I hit two caches in Linden and met the daughter of a geocacher I would see later at the picnic.

Anyway, this was perhaps the smallest picnic, in terms of attendance, that I've been to this year. Even so, we had enough food to feed two villages! I mean there were burgers, hot dogs, salads, chips, cookies, and brownies/cake. Then M&W brought a two-foot Wawa hoagie and green tea iced tea. (Yes!) Then Team MM brought a whole tray of fried chicken. (By that time, I only had enough room for two wings!) Quite an impressive spread. Wonder how they divvied up the leftovers.

Also had fun going out with a group to find the "Beware of the Bunnies" geocache.

After the picnic, I headed out towards Bucks County to bag a bunch more geocaches. Spent too much time on the Jersey side but still got two caches in the evening on the other side of the Delaware River.

Forgot to get postcards for Postcrossing. Darn. Oh well, I can get those any time at the rest area near home.

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