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Irvington Reservoir

I finally was able to get to the Parkway rest area this afternoon. The travel store did indeed have a small selection of postcards, all with New York City scenes. Okay, the rest area is only about 20 miles from the city, but still... isn't there anything in New Jersey that is postcard-worthy?

That led to my wondering if I could make my own postcards. After all, I do have many photos taken in this state. So, after a few searches on the web and on Lifehacker, here's what I got:
  • Vistaprint: 100 free postcards for first-time customers. (I'm not a first-time customer, unfortunately.) $4.99 fee for using my own image instead of one of their canned images.
  • Overnight Prints: 100 postcards for $9.95. (special offer, not their regular price) The minimum quantity is 100, so I'll get sick of the postcard long before I run out of that print batch.
  • Zazzle: $0.64-$0.99 per card, depending on quantity.
  • NetPost Premium Postcards: A joint venture between AmazingMail and the US Postal Service. $0.84 per card, but this includes postage. Also, it appears that new accounts get a few postcards free to try out the service.
  • And, of course, I could just mail the print itself. (from Lifehacker) This could be the simplest way to go for one-time use of a photo.
This evening, I went for the Reservoir Dog, Irvington geocache by the old reservoir in Irvington, NY. Nice cool weather for an evening walk. After that, I came back to Park Ridge for dinner. I saw that the video store was having a "going out of business" sale, so I went in to take a look. Funny how I never really noticed this store until the very end.
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