Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Wild West City

I'm now 33! Just had a mooncake.

I actually was quite early this morning, so I stopped at Central Park in Hanover to visit the Township Of Hanover Central Park Cache. I was the first to find the cache, but only because no one found it the day before. And that's because the cache owner hadn't placed the cache yet! That's the reason why caches must be placed before the cache listing is submitted. People will rush out to find it as soon as the listing appears on the geocaching website, so if the cache is not out there yet, they'll get ticked off.

After that, I went to Wild West City in Netcong to meet up with jbadger, freakylynx, rapidtrabbit, Jimmy, JD, Rez, Damian, and foxwell for the mascot gig. Wild West City is a theme park that recreates life in a frontier town in the old west. They have shows and rides throughout the day.

Our "changing room" was in the barn at the back of the theme park. One of the horses was curious about our activity there. :) I wore the husky suit for this gig. However, since the theme park ground is all dirt (possibly mixed with horse poop), I opted not to use the fursuit feet. I just wore my already-muddy hiking boots instead and that proved to be a good choice because there was uneven terrain behind the town.

Our group participated in the following in costume:
  • The train ride.
  • The stagecoach ride.
  • The posse. (In one of the shows, there was a mock robbery and the whole town was deputized and gathered into a posse to hunt down the bad guys.)
  • The shootout. (All the deputies vs. the bad guys. The "furry critters" were sent to the front and we used finger pistols. :) )
  • Closing ceremony.
At other times, we just went around interacting with the crowd. Lunch was provided at the Golden Nugget Saloon.

The after-gig dinner was at Cracker Barrel in Mt. Arlington. I had the fried catfish platter. (just to have fried fish one more time this weekend)
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