Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Tuesday Thai takeover

American Legion Post 119

Military Seizes Power in Thailand

I called my parents this evening to check on the situation but, as I suspected, this wasn't even big news back in Malaysia, even though the country shares a border with Thailand.

What you need to understand is this is not unusual. Thailand has had a history of military coups. In fact, Thailand was under military rule for some time in the early 80s. So it's really nothing new. Think of it as their form of impeachment. People in Thailand are fed up with Prime Minister Thaksin's corruption and shady business deals. At the same time, there was some tension between the military and the government. So yesterday, tanks rolled into Bangkok, and the army shut down all government services and imposed martial law. I expect that the Prime Minister will step down and they'll work out among themselves what form their next government will take.

In other news, one of the postcards I sent out for Postcrossing has been logged by a postcrosser in the Netherlands! That was pretty fast because it's only been 3 days since I mailed the card.

And finally, pictures from the Wild West City fursuit event are up. I think Rez was the photographer for most, or maybe all, of those photos. I didn't take very many pictures, which is the downside of being in costume. (Of course, the upside is... well... being in costume. :) )
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