Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Thursday Tank

Gears on the tank

Visited the Shepherd Lake 1 geocache this afternoon. It is at Ringwood State Park in Ringwood. The unusual feature at that location is an abandoned tank.

Decided not to go to Philcon. Since there are lots of local events nowadays and since no one I know is going to that convention, I might as well keep that weekend open and see what happens. I'll also save $400 and change.

Parents want to see pictures of my fursuit and pictures from the mascot gigs. (Yes, I told them everything. Egads.) So I ordered some prints to mail to them. It would be so much easier if they used the Internet. And oh, it's too late to find their keys now because they're moving in about two weeks. Darn. It would be ironic if I came across those keys after they've moved.

Did a little more work on the views group cleaning script. Added the API call and authentication token so that it can remove photos by itself. So now it can go from page to page and clean up the whole group. One subtlety here is it has to do the cleaning from back to front. Consider what happens if the script removes a bunch of photos on page 5. Since the page stays the same length, some photos will come in from page 6 to fill the space. So if the script does page 5 and then page 6, it won't see the photos that moved in from page 6. So it has to do page 6 before page 5. Anyway, I ran the script on the 75-100 Views group, rejecting over 1000 photos, and now it is in the middle of the 50-75 Views group. This admin stuff is easy. :)

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