Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Unlocking the lock & lock

I thought it was going to be a rainy day but it didn't rain that much. Rather humid though. My objectives today were to take the Lock & Lock travel bug over to the Lock & Lock cache to unlock it and then to return the travel bug to a different nearby cache so that the next person can do this cache. I did that. Also did 15 other caches while I was on Long Island because these caches are like peanuts. You can't stop at just one!

I didn't go to LJS this time. (Uh oh, I think hell just froze over.) Since the 4th cache was at the edge of the Sunrise Mall parking lot, I went into the mall for lunch at the food court. (Inside the mall, I saw an unbelievably long line of people waiting for autographs from a pro wrestler.) Then at dinnertime, I saw a Burger King (I think it is in Blue Point) not too far from the last cache of the day. Since I had too many Burger King coupons, I got dinner there. This is a pretty cool Burger King. The decor is retro 50s and one of the seating units is shaped like a 57 Chevy. (I can't identify classic cars, so the only way I knew was because that's what the plate said.) Of course, in keeping with tradition, I had the fish sandwich.

The day would've been perfect but for one near-confrontation with a local. Fortunately, I got an idea and sidestepped the issue by leaving the park and driving around to the back entrance, where I was able to access and find the cache with no further problems. The question I have to ask is since when did Long Islanders get bugs up their asses about outsiders visiting their parks? I've seen this too many times to think that it is only one or two people who're like that. At the LIGO picnic last week, we talked about that and even some Long Island geocachers have had to deal with nasty locals.


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