Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Fall into the Lehigh Valley

On Sunday, I went out to South Mountain Park in Bethlehem, PA, to attend the Tis the Fall Season Picnic geocaching event. It was a bring-your-own-food picnic, so I picked up a sandwich at the Fountain Hill Wawa store less than 2 miles from the picnic. I got a chicken cheesesteak sandwich, except that I selected so many options on the touchscreen menu that it was the most fully-loaded sandwich I've ever seen and I had to eat it with a fork and a spoon!

It was a moderate-sized event. A little over 60 geocachers signed in on the event sign-in sheet. Aside from lunch, we had the usual travel bug swap and the "closest to the marker" game. (I think I was actually in the top 3 this time.)

After the event, I went and did a bunch of geocaches in Upper and Lower Macungie. There is still a lot of countryside and many winding secondary roads in the area. However, I also noticed that the pace of development is quite rapid there. There are a number of new strip malls, office complexes, and residential areas that I didn't see on my last trip there. Part of Route 100 has been rerouted and converted into a highway and Route 100 is now an overpass over US-222, where before it was a traffic light intersection. It was a little confusing because none of the maps and directions I had reflected these changes, but I got where I wanted to be in the end.

Dinner was at the LJS in Easton. I noticed that there were LJS coupons in the Sunday paper that I got at the Fountain Hill Wawa, so I used one of the coupons. However, it turned out that the coupon was the same as the special of the day so I got to keep the coupon for another time. I had the Super Sampler, a platter with chicken, fish, and two kinds of shrimp.


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