Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
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Coupons and Caches

Bockar Lake

Went for the Willow Tree geocache yesterday afternoon. It is at Willow Tree Park in Wesley Hills, NY. This is one of those trick caches that might take a while if you haven't seen it before. Since I've found a dozen of these already, it was a snap.

A representative from Qdoba called and left a message. I didn't realize that it was Qdoba at first because they pronounce the name a lot differently from the way I thought it was pronounced. (The rep said key-doba. I was calling it kew-doba.) So I called them back and it turns out that this was a followup to the complaint I filed on September 7. So we went over it point by point and she promised that they'll check out that restaurant to make sure that everything is okay. Also, she'll send a gift certificate. Then I called another number at Qdoba corporate to get the missing points added to my Q-card. So I guess I'll be going back to that Qdoba restaurant at least two more times: once to use the gift certificate, and a second time because my Q-card should have enough points for a free entree now.

Then in the evening, it was time for an oil change and the 30K service. (Odometer: 30,251 miles. I had a coupon for a free oil change. See? Again with the coupons!) Since my last visit, the service facility had moved to a new location at the industrial park in Mahwah. After driving around a very big block, I found the building. The interior is spacious and unusually quiet. (For two reasons: The building itself is further from Route 17 than the old location, and the customer area is set apart from the place where they work on the cars.) However, I wasn't waiting there so I got a loaner car. This time, it's a Scion xA, which, like the xB, is another strangely-designed vehicle. The retro interior must be cool in some way, but I just don't get it!

By a freakish twist of fate, I woke up early this morning. So I took the xA over to Ringwood State Park in Ringwood to go for the Shepherd Lake 2 geocache. It nearly died going up that big hill along the way. Well, not really, but there was a lot of gas pedal action happening there just to keep it going. (That must mean it is quite fuel efficient on level roads.) After passing the stone eagles and weird gate (this park has a lot of artifacts from the past), I parked at the boat basin by the lake. Then I took a walk uphill to find the cache, which was easy because I simply stumbled on the hiding spot when I got there. After that, I took a look at some of the abandoned ski lift structures. The hillside used to be a ski slope before the state park took it over.
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