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Made the reservation at the Raritan Sheraton (Sheraton Edison, actually) today. Boy, that was a short internal debate. This will save 200 miles of driving over commuting to the con.

There is some discussion on the geocaching forums about setting up a helpdesk using AIM for geocachers who are out in the field and need some information. Then they can contact the helpdesk if they have an AIM-capable cell phone. (My phone does have that feature.) Hope they expand on this idea. The main problem I can see is most wooded areas tend not to have good cell signal because of the distance from cell towers. Still, that's better than nothing.

Forgot to mention this yesterday. I noticed that the cashier at the Nathan's in Paramus Park Mall shuffled my Georges into the dollars in the register, i.e. he mixed up the marked and unmarked bills. I thought that was the right thing to do because the bills will get dispersed better but this is the first time I've ever seen anyone do that. Most cashiers will place the bills either at the top or the bottom of the $1 slot in the register.

Went out to Badlands Tacos in Ramsey again this afternoon to use another coupon. A few more customers there this time than the previous time. They'll survive. I noticed that there's a Pepperidge Farms outlet store in the Main Plaza. Great for discounts on cookies, crackers and canned soup. So it looks like I'll be going that way a bit more often.
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