Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Ramsey downtown at night

Heavy rain tonight.

I'm tempted to buy today's Woot because... well, think about it: they'll be shipping an item that weighs 18 lbs for their standard $5 shipping rate. However, I already have a jump start system and an air compressor (although not both in the same package) so I'll pass.

Had to find out how to remove bloodstains from clothing this morning. Did a quick web search and eHow came to the rescue. I used the bar soap tip submitted by an eHow user and it was surprisingly effective.

I noticed that JPG Magazine has redesigned their website. Now anyone can open an account there and upload pictures to a personal gallery. Then when it's time to submit a photo to JPG Magazine, you simply drag a photo from your gallery into each of the magazine's themes. Interesting. Anyway, I submitted a few photos for the next issue. I've not had a photo published in JPG Magazine yet, but it's worth a try.

I found out this evening that Borders sells postcards, but at $1.25 per card (because these are "art" cards), it would be cheaper to order my own custom cards!
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