Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Hunting the Wampus

This morning, it was cold and rainy. So I took my time getting ready. Had a couple of easy caches up in Orange County that I'd been saving for a rainy day so I did those first. Funny thing is the rain stopped when I got there. "Diehard Cache" was at the Middletown Galleria. In particular, it was just outside the Sears store (hence the name "Diehard") where the cache owner works. So I got to see him. Then, as I was about to leave, I ran into another geocacher who had just started looking for the cache. So that spot saw some traffic this afternoon!

Then I went into Middletown for lunch at Arby's.

After that, I noticed that the weather had cleared up completely. So I went to Westchester County to get a bunch more. "Spoosh 7", at Wampus Brook Park, was the shortest walk of this batch. The rest were anywhere from half a mile to a little over a mile round trips over rolling terrain. So those were good to do on a cool day.

After that, I went to Palisades Center since this mall was on my way back home from Westchester. Since I was there, I used the Qdoba gift certificate to get dinner. I must say that they've addressed all my concerns 100%. The place was clean, there were no strange odors, service was good, and they didn't close the restaurant early. In fact, everyone benefited from my customer feedback. I saw that the restaurant was doing more business than usual, even for a Sunday evening. Maybe they could make me a quality consultant and pay me in burritos. (Oh wait, that's what just happened. :) )

Now the bad part: On my way to Orange County this morning, I made a stop at the Sloatsburg rest area to get some postcards for Postcrossing. Since I got six cards, I was eligible for the quantity discount. However, I noticed that the cashier punched in the incorrect higher price. When I brought it to her attention, she insisted that the higher total was because of the sales tax.

Okay, here's why I hate the state sales tax: When cashiers make mistakes, one of the top three lame explanations they give me is the sales tax. As though I'm supposed to believe that the sales tax shot up to 16.8% overnight! It's bad enough that the state is bloated, inefficient, inept, and broke. Don't use the state's obscene taxation to cover for your own innumeracy! Man, I need to move to a state with no sales tax.

Fortunately, the supervisor came over quickly to set things right.

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