Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Shakes in a Supermarket!

Sloatsburg rest area on I-87

I went and found the NYRA #3 geocache this afternoon. It's at the Sloatsburg rest area on the New York State Thruway. (I-87) After I was done with the cache, I continued up the Thruway for about 12 miles to the next exit, which is Central Valley / Woodbury Commons, turned around and came back. I think that's one inconvenient aspect of rest area caches if you aren't already heading in that direction. However, it was a nice drive this afternoon because the weather was great and fall colors are starting to show up on the hillsides.

Pathmark supermarket is offering a free ham or turkey if you accumulate $300 in purchases before Thanksgiving. So far, I have... uhh... $9.20 in purchases. This could be difficult!

Someone who was using the self-checkout machine left behind a checkout coupon for one free Glucerna shake. So I went and found the shake near the Pharmacy department, brought it back to the self-checkout, and used the coupon to get the shake free of charge. As soon as I did that, the machine printed out another coupon for another free shake! Hmm... Anyway, I might give away some of these free shakes. :)

Got this link from Pfizer's mailing list: '5-Second Rule' Rules, Sometimes

Here's my approach to the dilemma: If it is a big piece of food, you can use a knife to slice off the surface that came into contact with the floor. Then the rest of it should still be fine. (No wonder I don't get invited to formal dinners. :) ) On the other hand, if it is a small piece of food, you aren't missing much anyway.
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