Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Long Island Fence Portals

Another beautiful day! No run-ins with any nasty locals, except for one guy with road rage. But I let him (okay, actually, I made him...) overtake and then he became someone else's problem.

In Otsego Park ("Way-Outfield" geocache), Bob1 and dckrsn arrived at the parking area at the same time as I. So we did the geocache as a group. I don't think we needed to team up for this one because it was an easy cache, but it was fun anyway.

Went through 5 holes in fences today. Accessing park areas through holes in fences seems to be a common thing on Long Island. Almost every park fence has an opening neatly cut away. For some of those, it was probably because I took the wrong approach, but at least two of the caches (the first two in the list below) were clearly placed inside fenced-off non-park areas so I'm not sure that those cache placements were kosher.

Dinner was at the KFC/LJS in Huntington. I used one of my LJS coupons (which I got in Pennsylvania, although they took it without question in Long Island) and got the super sampler.

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