Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

FurFright Day 0

I'd already loaded almost everything into the car the night before, so this morning, I added the last few items and then I set out on my way to Windsor Locks, CT. Found 18 caches along the way! The first 9 caches were from my usual list outside the Windsor Locks area. After doing those, I still had 2 hours before sunset, so I went to Manchester and then Windsor and bagged 9 more caches very quickly. Only the last 2 of those were actually after sunset.

Listened to local radio stations along the way. This is the first time I heard about the existence of a "Thursday thing" in a Hartford-area traffic report. Heh, over in Northern New Jersey, it's an "everyday thing"!

Check-in at the hotel was pretty speedy. First person I ran into was tonyringtail. Also met punktiger, runtt, lupine_fox, and skippyfox.

Went out to dinner at Burger King on Route 75 to use a coupon. (My coupons from back home seem to be valid here too.) The restaurant folks are funny. They joked a lot about stealing food, e.g. the supervisor said, while laughing, "If I catch you with another burger in your mouth, you're fired!"

Back at the hotel, I changed into the husky suit to do a quick walk around the Mezzanine and Lobby Levels and also to see if there were any problems with the costume. (Indeed there was a problem. The seam on the back flap was coming apart. Why didn't I see this last week? Fortunately, I had a sewing kit.) I also carried Plush Husky around while in suit, so the gag there was that I was taking my dog out for a walk. :)

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