Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

FurFright Day 1

Started the day by finding two caches in Nolen-Reed Park only two miles away. It was raining, but I could deal with it.

Came back to the hotel and attended the Opening Ceremonies. Then I went to the Furry Icebreaker panel that was run by wally_wabbit. Hopped into fursuit for a while and mingled with the attendees and the other fursuiters. Then I went to the "Performing in Fursuit" workshop for a bit.

After that, I went out with wally_wabbit, foxwell, cadpigjr, kody_wolf, and a bunch of other folks for dinner at the China King Buffet in Windsor Locks. Came back and got into fursuit again and hung around the Mezzanine Level until grizz593 told me about something going on downstairs. So I went down to the Friday Furpocalypse, which was apparently a strange set of games they were playing for a few hours. Did a little of that and then went back up to my room to lie down for a bit because I was tired.

Went down again in fursuit to the dance. The dance was not well-attended but I had fun there for a little while.

Then while hanging out in the lobby, a bunch of us decided to take a midnight walk to the airport in fursuit. Among the group was kiowolf and balloonfox. We went to the nearby terminal and then used the parking garage elevator to go to baggage claim. Along the way, we met up and chatted with some people who were wondering about the costumes. Then we took the escalators up to the ticket counters where there was a big bunch of people waiting. Their reaction was awesome! There was also a police officer just behind the security line who wanted to take a picture of us. Of course, we posed on our side of the line so as not to breach security. Hung out there for a while thinking about what to do next, but that came to an end when airport security kicked us out.

Then I talked to jbadger, who just arrived this evening, for a bit in the hotel Starbucks before heading back up to my room.

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