Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

FurFright Day 3

Went to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast and then visited two geocaches, Step Ten and Step Four (listing the caches because gushi said so ;) ) in Poquonock and Windsor respectively.

Then I returned to the hotel. This time, there was no problem parking, even if I chose a weird parking space right at the pipes, which meant that the parking space was one foot too short.

Changed into fursuit and joined the Fursuit Massacre. (fursuit games) I was in the red team with kiowolf, magnusdiridian, jappodawg, and a few others. We had a pool noodle throwing competition and a scooter race. There was also a relay race where we paired up and had to carry a ball to the end and back without touching it with our paws. Then there was a game where we threw balls and the team captain had to catch it in a basket. (I was good at throwing these balls but lousy with pool noodles. Go figure.) Then came the strange part. While the other two teams were playing charades, my team was instructed to wear our scarves like bandits and go out and clobber everyone with pool noodles. (I didn't get an advance copy of that script. :) ) So we did and hilarity ensued. Then the games ended with musical chairs, but with a twist. This version of musical chairs had a figure-8 path with a gap between two bunches of chairs where we crossed paths. So that led to congestion in the gap and mayhem when the music stopped. I was actually lucky for five times or so because the music stopped when I was in the chair zone while a bunch of the other contestants were stuck in the gap, so it was easy to grab a chair.

Went out to Burger King for lunch with jbadger after that. Purely on a whim, we stopped at Spring Park on our way to CVS and visited two geocaches that jbadger hadn't done yet. (I already did those during the last two FurFrights, although one of the caches had an interesting new trick to it.)

Got into fursuit again and joined the second fursuit parade. This parade went through the airport terminal and then back to the front of the hotel for the photoshoot.

After that, I joined wally_wabbit, coyoty, foxwell, and Furio for dinner at Ninety Nine in Enfield. I had the Captain's Combo Platter (fried fish, etc), which was quite good.
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