Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

All Torne Up

Ramapo River

Went out to do the Torne Valley geocache this afternoon. It's at the Torne Valley Sports Complex in Sloatsburg. What's funny is the sports complex and parking area are still under construction and already there's a cache in the woods next to it! I started looking at the wrong kind of hiding spot for the cache but then I saw something just a little odd and then I got it.

Gas prices just went below $2/gallon here. (Exxon Route 17N in Ramsey $1.999, Citgo Rt 17S in Ramsey $1.979) If you think gas prices are near a bottom, then this would be a good time to lock in the price at FuelBank. Unfortunately, they don't seem to have launched yet.

Strange day at work today. When I got there this morning, the fire alarm went off. (Well, that part is not so strange.) Then in the afternoon, half (and only half) the building didn't have power.

Used Firefox 2 for some time last evening and this morning. The first anomaly I hit was that accesskeys didn't seem to work. That feature is used in the Where's George bill entry form as a quick way to move to a specific field. I found out on this web page that accesskeys weren't actually broken. What they did was change the prefix from Alt to Alt+Shift. That makes sense because some Alt+letter combinations conflict with the pulldown menu. However, in K-Meleon, I'd actually take the opposite approach of editing the menu so that it doesn't conflict with the websites that I use.

I also got into a situation where I'd set the default action for VMware remote console files and wanted to undo that but couldn't find the entry in the "Download Actions" dialog. Then I found that it might not be showing up because that entry had no file extension, so I edited mimeTypes.rdf by hand to get rid of it.

On the plus side, with no extensions installed, Firefox 2 feels as fast as K-Meleon. And that's before tweaking the settings.

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