Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Thruway Tour

It was raining this morning. However, as I expected, the rain stopped in the afternoon. Still, by the time the rain stopped, it was too late for it to be worth the $12 of bridge tolls to go to Long Island. So I went with Plan C, which was to go to upstate New York to pick up some caches on and near the NYS Thruway and then finish up with dinner at the LJS in New Windsor.

Apparently, there wasn't much competition for FTF upstate as I was FTF on the first and last caches that I visited today. Maybe they too were waiting for the rain to stop. In addition to the caches on my list, I also went to the "Saugerties KOA" cache at a KOA campground. I didn't plan for that one but I was at a rest area and decided, on a whim, to enter the coordinates into my cell phone to find nearby cache listings. It's a nice campground, albeit a bit flooded from the rain.

Encountered another store clerk at the New Baltimore rest area who didn't understand postcard pricing. Same thing happened as the previous time at the Sloatsburg rest area. She punched in $1.35 for 3 cards instead of $1.25 and told me that it came out higher because of the sales tax. Oh, how I loathe the sales tax and the way store clerks use it to cover up their own incompetence. This time, I just didn't buy the cards. Also, why is the sales tax over 8% in upstate New York? There is nothing but miles and miles of countryside there!

I also recycled the worn-out UPS batteries early this afternoon.


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