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State of the Browsers

Things are not always peachy in the world of non-Microsoft web browsers.

I went back to the 12/28/2002 build of Phoenix because the most recent 1/8/2003 build had a problem installing extensions and themes. The problem is discussed in this thread. The 12/28 build seems okay so far and does not appear to have some annoying problems that I encountered in the 0.5 version.

Opera 7 Beta 2 makes Windows freeze at certain times. (Even remote shutdown does not work.) That does not happen on all machines so I will have to see if it is a bug that should be reported or just a problem in my setup.

Not related to the subject but I got tired of waiting for Vim 6.2 so I downloaded all the patches and built Vim 6.1.284. auto-format is very nice. That should be good enough until 6.2 is released.

Also unrelated to the subject... WABC has once again pre-empted The Savage Nation for sports so I'm listening to Tom Marr on WOR or World's Oldest Radio. Heh. This isn't so bad but he just isn't angry enough. What next? Going back to Bob Grant? :)
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