Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Lake Lonnie

Got a call from a Sprint/Nextel representative who wanted to check if my calling plan was appropriate. After reviewing my phone usage data, she declared "You don't use your phone much!" No kidding. Most of the phone "calls" I make are wireless web. In addition, most of these calls take place over the weekend when I have unlimited minutes anyway. So no, I don't need a calling plan with more minutes. I'd actually switch to a calling plan with fewer minutes, except that Sprint doesn't have any plans with a lower rate than this one.

The Sprint rep also confirmed that I cannot get a rebate on a new phone unless my calling plan is $35 per month or higher. So I need to take good care of this phone because it's the last one I'll have until I switch carriers. No more dropping it into streams! (Actually, I ought to consider switching anyway. Last weekend, I noticed that in upstate New York, there were some locations where I didn't have a cellular signal at all not even 2 miles off the NYS Thruway.)

A final treat from yesterday: Won $32 million $2 in Mega Millions. :)

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