Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Haworth, for what it's worth

Wooded area behind houses

It rained all day yesterday, but today, it was sunny and 73°F in the afternoon. Quite a contrast! I went to find the Elephantine geocache in an unnamed suburban wooded area in Haworth. Arrived at the likely search area. After fumbling around a while, getting entangled in huge fallen tree limbs, I uncovered the cache by accident and that was that. There was quite a bit of fall foliage there, so I took the opportunity to try some backlit shots such as this, that, and the thumbnail above.

After that, I picked up lunch at KFC in Hillsdale, which was on my way back. Aside from the usual 2-piece chicken coupon deal, I got a Buffalo snacker, which unfortunately got a bit soggy in its wrapper. The sandwich is better eaten there than taken out.

Received another Postcrossing card from Finland. I also sent a few more cards out, bringing the total to 26 cards sent and 14 received. One card, which hasn't been logged for 46 days, is probably lost or stuck in transit. I was also pretty close to running out of postcards, so I got a bunch more at the Parkway service area this evening. This time, they had New Jersey postcards, which is good because I won't have to send out NYC postcards while explaining that I actually live outside of the city. (On the other hand, I'll have to come up with something else to write on the card!) Also, I would note that, despite the store clerk's languid demeanor, she, unlike every store clerk I've encountered so far on the NYS Thruway, didn't make any mistakes punching in the total on the cash register and didn't try to cover up any such mistakes using the sales tax. So I ought to stay local in my card-buying activity.

Also, at the rate I'm sending out these postcards, maybe it isn't such a bad idea to bulk-order a custom postcard. I probably could finish a set of 100 cards in less than a year. The tough part would be deciding which photo, out of thousands, to use on the cards.
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