Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Philly Geo-breakfast

Woke up at 4am (actually, the alarm clock was set to a bit before 4am) to head out to Philadelphia for Schmo's One Hour Meet and Eat (Breakfast). It was a geocaching event at Billy Doc's Diner. Because it was early in the morning, there was hardly any traffic along the Parkway and Turnpike. I did two geocaches along Roosevelt Blvd on my way to the diner. When I got there, the little street-corner diner was full of people. Lots of familiar faces from previous events in Southeast Pennsylvania. Of course, I had breakfast. I got the "Hungry Man", which was a collection of breakfast foods on two plates.

After that, we all headed out our separate ways. I went geocaching in the Northeast Philly corridor along and near Roosevelt Boulevard. Ran into other geocachers, including KrazyTrolls, angryEMT (who really wasn't angry at all), M&W, Horn229, and DebJoey, at some cache sites. When a whole bunch of geocachers radiate outwards from a meet spot, you've got to expect lots of encounters like that.

After I visited a bunch of cache sites, it started to rain heavily. So I finished one last one and left the area. Did a bit of shopping and had dinner in the Nassau Park strip mall in Princeton.

On Bustleton Avenue, a lost and hungry girl came up to me and asked for help. She'd been wandering around Northeast Philly, apparently very far from home, and hadn't eaten since 3am in the morning. So I gave her some money for lunch. Watched her get the food so at least I know she didn't blow it on drugs, booze, or cigarettes. So that solved her immediate problem. Unfortunately, I couldn't do anything about her long-term problem, which was how to get her back home. I talked to the folks at her contact phone number twice, only to find out that she is in a highly dysfunctional situation and is not getting any support there. However, I could tell that there was some regret on their side the second time I heard from them. So her recourse then is to find a shelter, which I hope she'll do before long.

Suburban homeless: It's a new era.


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