Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Rainy Ramsey Ramble

Lion sculpture

This morning, I saw a car with the vanity plate "MY DEBT". Considering that some auto loans are now extended out to 72 months just to make the payments affordable, it struck me as pretty funny. Wonder whose it is.

Bjornian sent me a description of the location of First Year, the cache at Sarachi's Pond in Ramsey that I couldn't find last week. It was a rainy day today but the rain wasn't so bad in the morning (It was mostly mist at that time), so I went out before work to find the cache. I found it rather quickly using Bjornian's description and it turned out that the original coordinates were way off. Anyway, it's a good excuse to head out in the morning and this location was easy to get to because, having had extensive experience going to Quiznos and back, I knew how to use the backroads in this area to avoid the morning rush traffic.

In the evening, I had a coupon for 20 pieces of Popeye's chicken, so what the hey... I went to get the box of chicken. It was raining more heavily in the evening than in the morning. My timing was pretty good because there was an accident on Route 17 but I just avoided getting caught in the traffic delay by a mere minute or two. For dinner, I had only 4 of the 20 pieces, so it looks like there'll be chicken for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the next two days. I don't think they put enough spice in the spicy chicken though. I could barely taste the spice. Hrm.

Received 2 more Postcrossing postcards from Finland and Holland. Total now is 27 sent and 17 received. I had some joke postcards from Wild West City. Since I send cards out to foreign countries for Postcrossing, I was a little worried that the recipient won't understand the humor. But the latest recipient in Finland of one of these cards wrote to me to say that it was a very funny card and he was going to show it to the family. It's a card with a picture of a cowboy riding a pig and a second cowboy driving past in a truck and calling the pig-riding cowboy a "Road Hog".

Other things: Received a 10-pack of Ubuntu Linux CDs in the mail today. I'll keep one and stash the rest in geocaches. Also received a check for participating in a consumer research project in which I viewed a DVD of a commercial and then told them what I thought. If only I could get paid like that for all of my opinions. :)

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