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PCS Vision

While at the Sprint PCS Store this evening, I had a thought. Why not upgrade to PCS Vision? Mobile color web browsing would be nice. Actually, the reasons I might upgrade have little to do with that. They are:

  • The new service plans with PCS Vision are cheaper than my current plan. Yes, the low cost plan has fewer anytime minutes but I don't use all those minutes anyway.
  • The data/power port on my current phone is corroded and flaky. The phone is out of warranty and Sprint is not selling that model any more. It is obsolete!?
  • The low-end PCS Vision phones aren't more expensive than the one I have.

There is one enormous downside to PCS Vision though. The service plan excludes usage via a PDA or laptop. This is bad because as those who have done it know, keying in data with a phone is a real pain. Maybe I should abandon the idea of laptop wireless and try to relax when I travel. :) Or only use the laptop when the hotel has room Ethernet. The Philadelphia Mariott (Philcon location) did and that was sweet.


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