Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Semi-regular Palisades Center Mall trip

Pearsall Park

This evening, I called Qdoba (in Palisades Center) to see if they had gotten the Q-card reader to work. After I asked the question, I heard lots and lots of conversation in Spanish in the background and then the lady came back to the phone to say that it works. So then I went to Palisades Center and up to the top level to Qdoba. When I showed her the card in person, she said that the card reader didn't work. What?? Way to waste my time! So this means that the Q-card reader hasn't been working for at least the past two months. Ugh. At this rate, I think it would be easier to claim the free meal at the Qdoba in Short Hills. (I'll save it for when I have another reason to go there.)

I would be more annoyed if that was the only reason I went to the mall. Fortunately, I had a host of other things to get done there. I cashed in my $32 million $2 MegaMillions ticket. Then I went to the Sprint store to pay my bill and there, I saw that their bill payment machines were broken. Okay, 2nd setback.

I also used the change machines at the mall to get enough quarters to pay for parking in Flushing because I want another round of shabu-shabu, maybe during the holidays. Then I went to the Target store to take a look at the unusual FurReal Butterscotch Pony. Such a bargain at $250, and you don't have to clean up after it. :) Also got a free-after-rebate item at CompUSA. It appears that you can now submit CompUSA rebates online, which is much easier than sending the paperwork in by mail.

And finally, I went to the conveyor belt sushi place, where I found out that they were having specials on all their salmon items. (mostly salmon rolls and spicy salmon rolls)

One more thing I noticed is the mall now has Pringles vending machines all over the place. Because people can't walk a few hundred yards over to the Target store to buy potato chips.

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