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Puttering in Paramus

Another hot day.

There was an ad in a Chinese newspaper for a Chinese supermarket not too far away. I can't read Chinese so the only part of the ad I understood was the address. I guess there's no Chinese equivalent for "Rochelle Park". :)

Anyway, I thought it was good to have more choices -- until now, the only Chinese grocery I frequented was King Fung in River Edge -- so I went to check it out after work. The store on Rochelle Avenue in Rochelle Park is called the Green Pier. Half of it appears to be a regular Chinese takeout, while the other half offers a limited selection of groceries. Not quite what I expected. Don't think I'll be back too often but I'll keep it in mind as an alternative.

As an aside, bring a stack of Georges when you go shopping at a Chinese supermarket. If you're lucky, you'll get a cashier who'll count the singles by fanning them out. That's amazing to watch. How do you count money like that? Must be an Ancient Chinese Secret. :)

The Garden State Plaza was nearby so I figured why not stop by. I hadn't been to the mall in a while. Got a spare battery for my digital camera at The Wiz out in the mall parking lot. Then I went into the mall to take a look around. Checked out the Disney Store, which did indeed have a whole rack of Stitch plushies, but I didn't buy one.

One day, I'll figure out why I hold back on buying certain items that I want. Had the cash. Didn't complete the deal. Is this a holdover from a time when I couldn't afford any luxuries? Am I neurotic about money? Wait, don't answer that! :)

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