Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Festival of Trees

Bronx River

Did a mascot gig at the Festival of Trees at the Long Island Mariott in Uniondale today. Also in this gig were jappodawg, jimwolf24, Damian, and jbadger.

But first the geocache: I took a different route through Westchester this morning. Along the way, I went up the Bronx River Parkway to visit the Marksun's magical micro tour #2 geocache. Then I made a stop in Manhattan and then the Bronx to pick up the gang since we're carpooling to the event.

Arrived at the hotel and saw that our changing room this time was a suite (actually, the green room for the UCPN folks) with a bathroom. It was one level below the lobby. So we changed into our costumes one at a time in the bathroom (It was a little tight in there.) and headed upstairs to the lobby and ballroom.

For this event, the ballroom was set up like a Dealer's Room at a con. There was a stage show in one section of the ballroom but that part was too crowded so we didn't go in there. Anyway, there were lots of people and kids around. Some good interaction with the crowd. We were there for a bit over 3 hours, with a break in the suite for water and cookies. Also, UCPN had a christmas tree mascot for this event, but I saw it only for a minute and then I had no idea where it went.

Post-gig dinner was at the Majestic Diner in Westbury. I had the Chinese roast pork on garlic bread. I was curious as to how they would do that because it's something one doesn't expect to find on a diner menu. Well, let's say that I wouldn't go to a diner for Chinese food, but this dish was okay. Also of note is this diner has a complimentary veggie tray at every table, in addition to the usual bread basket, and that is good because you can fill up on something healthy.

I'll be doing this gig again tomorrow.

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