Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Festival of Trees II

Small lighthouse

This was the second day of mascotting I did with the Hi-4 Entertainment group at the Festival of Trees in the Long Island Mariott in Uniondale. Also present today were Damian, jbadger, and rapidtrabbit.

I wasn't carpooling with anyone this time around so I had time for a few geocaches. I actually went a bit too far to the east and then came back westwards to the hotel on Route 24. I visited Lisa's Cache, Ciao Bella, and Exact Change Required.

Arrived at the hotel and wandered the lobby and lower lobby area for a bit. Then met up with the group, changed into our costumes in the courtesy suite, and went out to the lobby to interact with the crowd. The atmosphere was a bit different from Saturday. I could sense that the crowd was looser and more relaxed on the last day of the festival. Played around with the kids and adults a lot. Some of the kids really liked us and kept coming back to see us. For the most part, I paired up with jbadger in making our rounds in the lobby area and we were a good team. The interesting thing is, in addition to hugs, handshakes, and hi-fives, I actually got scritches and belly rubs from people. (What's this? A furry con? :) ) One lady thought I was a kangaroo, so I did a couple of hops just to be funny.

Post-gig dinner was at Pizza Supreme in Garden City. We split a pepperoni and sausage pizza and garlic knots. After that, we went shopping at the Dollar Tree near the pizza place. I got some items that I needed. I also got one of their brown-bagged mystery items. (It reminded me of those Bags of Cr*p! :) )

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