Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

The tooth, the whole tooth, nothing but the tooth

Lion Drinking Fountain

Dental appointment yesterday evening. Same story as usual: good teeth, no cavities, gums slightly inflamed.

I noticed that Pathmark actually has two store brands of peanut butter: Pathmark brand and Pathmark Smart Price brand. The latter is even cheaper than the former. Is there any difference in quality between one and the other? Well, I'll find out soon!

I nearly forgot that I had a $5 Staples bonus reward, so it was a good thing I checked my coupon inventory yesterday. Used that reward today on a box of paper. I noticed that paper has gone up in price. A 5,000-sheet box of paper that used to be $23 or so, is now $30.

I also went to the post office to buy another sheet of international postcard rate stamps. $15 for 20 stamps. Hmm... Postcrossing could get expensive. :) Speaking of Postcrossing, I received 2 cards on Sunday and 1 card today (2 from Holland and 1 from Finland), bringing the total up to 24 received. (and 32 sent) One of the Dutch cards had the problem of the postmark nearly covering up the Postcrossing ID. Fortunately, on closer examination, I was still able to read the ID.

Also of note: My Flickr photostream recently passed the 50,000 views milestone. (It's at 50,621 views now.) It gets 200 to 300 views a day, which is more than I ever expected. The food pictures seem to be the most popular for some reason. My most-viewed list is dominated by pictures of food.

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