Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Nyack Nyack Nyack

Nyack Rocks geocache (GCZJ2J)

Went for the Nyack Rocks geocache this afternoon. It is on a hill at the Clarkstown/Orangetown border. There are several ways to get to that spot but I took a shortcut in from a nearby condo complex. A key geological feature of this area is the glacial erratic. There were a couple of those within view of the cache site.

After the cache, I went to Palisades Center (Yes, the mall is on Wikipedia now. Heheh.) for some conveyer belt sushi at East Japanese Restaurant. I've been there a few times already, so I wonder when the novelty of picking sushi from a conveyer belt will wear out. I had this, that, and a few other items.

Got a copy of Automise at a 90% discount, thanks to Bits du Jour. When I have more time, I'll dig deeper into the software to see if it's really that much better than AutoHotkey. I have Bits du Jour in my bookmarks, but I'd forgotten all about it until IanH. mentioned the deal on the Joel on Software discussion forum.

So, mainly for my reference, here are the "deal of the day" sites that I know of: Woot, Tanga, Bits du Jour, Smack Shopping Deal of the Day. I subscribed to the RSS feeds of the first three in the list in Google Reader so that I won't forget to check.
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