Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Breakfast with Santa

Went out to the Long Island Mariott in Uniondale today to do a mascot gig with the Hi-4 group at the UCPN Breakfast with Santa event. Also there for this gig were Damian, jbadger, rapidtrabbit, flykat, skyfirefox, and wildw0lf. In addition, we shared the dressing room with another group of performers dressed as Winnie the Pooh, Simba, and Elmo. We also shared the dressing room with Santa himself, although I didn't see much of Santa for the rest of the gig, probably because we were in different parts of the ballroom.

Since it was a breakfast event, I started out from home quite a bit earlier than I did for the other events. Picked up Damian in the Bronx along the way. The dressing room was the same one behind the ballroom as the one we used for the Teddy Bear Tea Party. Got there and started changing into our costumes. For this gig, it was suggested that we wear something Christmas-like on our costumes. I had a Santa hat from a dollar store. It probably wasn't the best idea since I ended up wearing it just over one ear of the fursuit head. I also had a green vest, onto which I attached a small red bow, which fits the theme a little.

The setup was a lot like the Teddy Bear Tea Party. The attendees were having breakfast at dining tables in the ballroom. In the center, there was a dance floor. We mingled with the crowd for some time. Then the dance started. (Funny how the DJ played "YMCA", just like the dances at furry cons. :) There were a couple of other good dance numbers too.) It was so much fun that I was out there until the event was nearly over before I retreated to the dressing room to take a break. After the break, I went back to the ballroom for last-minute goodbyes and photo ops for families who were still there.

After the gig, we went to The Orient in Bethpage for dim sum. That was quite an experience. Waiters kept bringing all kinds of food and we took one serving of almost everything that they had. I wondered how we were going to finish all that, but finish it we did. (Well, almost. There was just a bit left over.) And the total was only about $12 per person. Maybe a bit more money than usual for lunch, but not bad.

After dropping Damian off in the Bronx, I went geocaching and got four caches, all in the Bronx. Parking was a problem at 3 of those locations. At those locations, I ended up parking some distance away, where I could find a parking space, and then walking to the cache site following the sidewalk. The last two were done while it was getting dark. However, New Yorkers seem to visit city parks in the evening too (typically to walk their dogs at night, from what I saw), so my twilight activity didn't appear all that unusual.

Some pictures from the event (photography thanks to flykat):


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