Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Turning the tap-dance into my crusade

Must be a Flatbreed

This afternoon, I went to find the Shop And Drop 2 geocache. This happened to be in the overflow parking area of the Palisades Center Mall in West Nyack, so I took the opportunity to go into the mall and have some conveyor-belt sushi for lunch at East Japanese Restaurant. Okay, I think that's enough. Next time I'm there, I ought to try something else from the dozens of eateries in the mall.

I also saw a pink Playboy bunny pillow down in the parking garage.

Sunday evening, on my way home from New York City, I stopped at Popeye's in Paramus to pick up a snack pack. It was the last day before coupon expiration, so I thought that was the last Popeye's coupon I was going to use in a while. So imagine my surprise when I opened the takeout bag and saw that they had slipped in a sheet of coupons. (with 2 sets of coupons on it) I also got a free Sunday newspaper at Popeye's and that too had another set of coupons! So that's 3 sets of coupons = 24 coupons = fried chicken every day for the rest of December?! (Well okay, some of those coupons are for the popcorn shrimp, which I like too.)

Anyway, this evening, I went back to Popeye's to use the first of the 24 coupons. They gave me another sheet of coupons! Heh. This Popeye's restaurant has a system where the cashier writes your name on the receipt. Then when it is ready, they call out your name. That wasn't really necessary though, because my order was ready mere seconds after I paid up. Anyway, the cashier was curious and asked me what my name meant. I actually wasn't sure if that was awkward or not, so I just told him in a straightforward manner what I knew about it. Have you ever researched the origins/meanings of your given names?

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