Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Chicken Cornucopia

Santa Cookie

Yesterday evening, I got a 20-piece box of fried chicken from Popeye's. So today, I had:
1. Breakfast: fried chicken
2. Lunch: fried chicken, green beans, cream of mushroom soup, and an Asian pear
3. Dinner: fried chicken, half-priced sushi, and split pea soup

I'll probably have fruit or something before bed, but man, that's a lot of chicken! Well, only 39 coupons left. :)

The class itself won't let me be done with class! It's Tuesday night and the discussion questions for the last unit still haven't been posted to the discussion area. That's the latest in a long list of problems affecting this class. The other problems were:
1. Stale content: Most of the links to class readings were bad links, so we had to Google for everything ourselves. (On the one hand, it is good training for research, but on the other hand, it's not professional to have link rot in the courseroom. On the gripping hand, why aren't they checking over the learning units before each quarter?)
2. There was a problem with the courseroom and the instructor did not have access to submitted assignments for several weeks in a row. So we didn't get feedback on our final projects early on when feedback was important.
3. The instructor didn't have net access at all for an entire week!
4. The last unit had a completely unrelated assignment, which I suspect was left over from a previous incarnation of this course.
5. The courseroom does some shoddy browser detection and pops up a big warning every time saying that my browser is not supported even though K-Meleon handles the courseroom and all its oddities just fine. But hey, I deserve to suffer for using an oddball web browser. :)

Given the inadequate way the class, and indeed the whole school, is run, I hardly think that it is worth the exhorbitant tuition fee. Unless they really shape up, I won't take any more courses if I had to pay for them myself. Heck, even if I didn't have to pay for them myself, I'd probably stop anyway because I could find something better elsewhere. Note that I don't fault the instructor, who did all that she could under the unfortunate circumstances.

I did some tax planning today because, as you know, after the end of the year, it'll be too late to do anything to lower your taxes. However, I didn't get the tax software yet. Staples has some specials on Taxcut and TurboTax this week, but I can wait a week or two because the free-after-rebate stuff that they offer with purchase of the tax software isn't that good yet.

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