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The last discussion questions were finally released today, so I posted my responses that I'd prewritten last week. Then a little later, I replied to some classmates' postings, which they probably prewrote too because they posted it rather quickly. (But I still had first post! :) ) Since I'd already submitted my final project, I'm done with class. Yes! Well, maybe I'll sneak back into the courseroom this weekend to kibitz. :)

I probably won't take a class there next quarter because I'm a bit sick of it. (See the previous entry.) Instead, I'll check the nearby community college to see if there's anything good. (like... uhh... microwave cookery)

So my thoughts have turned to the winter break. I certainly don't lack for places to go as I already have 5 events/gatherings/etc (some probable and some confirmed) lined up. I'd have 6 except that two geocaching events are on the same day at the exact same time and I can't be in both Delaware and Central Jersey. (well, not without some kind of cloning anyway) I'd favor Delaware because I can make an overnight trip out of it, stay at a motel, and go geocaching around Newark before and after the event, but I have more than a week to decide.

Called in an order of dollar bills to the local Commerce Bank branch. The lady who answered the phone said, "You from the Chinese place?" I wasn't sure what she said at first, so I asked her to repeat it and she said it again. That struck me as not the most polite way to put it, but okay, maybe it's an honest question. After all, it's only natural to associate me with the neighborhood Chinese restaurant since I probably do sound like them over the phone. On the other hand, it's none of her business. All she really needed to know to take the order was that I'm an account holder.

Speaking of "Chinese place", that particular restaurant (Canton Gourmet) has dim sum on the weekends. I haven't tried their dim sum yet but maybe I should, if only to take a picture of each item. Speaking of dim sum, how do you declare a variable named "sum" in Visual Basic? Dim sum ...? :)
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