Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Chalk-white and oh so frail

Toyota Diecast Model Car Showroom

Oil change this evening. Mileage is 35,312. I'm not sure why but they keep sending me postcards for free oil changes, so I didn't pay anything for this one. Also, I noticed that they had wireless internet in the customer waiting room. Free coffee, free tea, free wi-fi internet... I could live there! :)

Then, after doing some banking in Allendale, I went to Blimpie to use a coupon and had a Reuben and a Cuban. I didn't intend to pick two sandwiches that rhymed so it's funny that way.

Then I went to Borders to use another coupon. Since I had enough Holiday Savings Rewards left, the book was free. I got Greasemonkey Hacks. Although it's not relevant to K-Meleon yet, I heard that the next release will have some userscript functionality so I might as well start reading about it. And finally, I went to ye olde discount clothing store to purchase a pajama (If I only got one, do I have to call it "pajamas"? :) ) because I actually haven't shopped for that kind of thing in nearly a decade and the last one I had recently got torn in the part that matters.

I have to make reservations for a motel room at the New Year's Eve party. The quandary I'm facing is whether to reserve a room at the same motel where the party is or at a motel 3 miles down the road that's $20 cheaper. On the one hand, if I go with the former option, I merely need to walk to my room after the party. On the other hand, well... $20. On the gripping hand, why am I worried about the freakin' $20 when I already saved more than that today in coupons? Anyway, I'd better decide soon before they run out of rooms.

I noticed that the GorillaPod was in today's Woot-Off, but I missed it. Oh, well. I'll just buy it on Amazon when I can be bothered to do so.
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