Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Caching Through the Non-snow

Plush Husky vs. The Bear

Attended the Caching Through The Snow III geocaching event today. It was held at Krogh's Brew Pub in Sparta. (Sparta, NJ, not ancient Greece) The irony with the name of the event is there wasn't any snow on the ground. In fact, so far this winter, we've only had a very small amount of snow. Which is good because it would've been difficult to find some of those caches that I visited today with snow on the ground.

At Krogh's, I had the rarebit.

I got some geocaches on my way to the event. After the event, I went for a bunch more geocaches. Did two of those with Scoobydoers because he happened to come by at the same time. The last cache I did was at a strip mall in Ledgewood at night. Since I was already on Route 10, I just continued along Route 10 until I arrived at the Chinese supermarket in East Hanover, where I got some Asian pears.

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