Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Orange County

Forty-nine peeks out from the side of the monitor

Took a trip out to nearby Orange County. Weekdays are pretty quiet over there. That's perfect. In addition to the usual low-lying areas, I also went up to the hills around Warwick and Greenwood Lake. There were some good views to be seen there even if no hawks were present near the hawk watch on Mt. Peter.

The last two caches were in Matamoras on the Pennsylvania side. And then I went back to Middletown for some thrift store shopping (Salvation Army store. Would you believe that they were having a 50%-off sale on prices that were already pretty low?) and dinner. (This time, it was at Subway in order to use a coupon.)

Looks like rain tomorrow so I'll run some errands and make plans for next week.

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